Form 21 - form created for Lou Reed by Master Ren GuangYi

Incredible  - step by step form that Master Ren created for small space, urban living practice - inspired by Master Ren's relationship with his student, the late Lou Reed.  I was fortunate enough to learn this form from both Master Ren and Lou Reed - who taught me outside of our bi-weekly classes in NY.  I am thrilled to share this video with students and interested people.  We filmed this back in 2006 and it features 2 of Master Ren's students - Stephan Berwick and HJ.   The music is by Lou Reed and Sarth Calhoun.  Jason Stern, who worked with Lou for many years and currently works with Laurie Anderson on the Lou Reed Archives - helped set this video to music in 2013 when Lou asked that we rename the 21 form - the Blackjack Form!  This was done in September, 2013 - one month before Lou passed away.  I loved Lou Reed's enthusiasm for the Blackjack Form and for helping to spread the word about tai chi.  I think about his passion for art (music, film, martial, photo, etc) everyday and I am inspired by his pure spirit and commitment to seeing that art is available to whomever wants it when they want it.  Master Ren was one of Lou's greatest collaborators and I speak about that here @ this link:

Enjoy the 21 - BlackJack!

Form 21 Group Demo from Scott Richman on Vimeo.